Walk or just talk?

For a long time now Green Shirts have been regarded by some as an anachronism. The entrenched views have led others to regard us with more than a little suspicion and worse.

It is, however, those same views and practices that have led us to the point we are at – one which most grassroots people find intolerable. Thus to continue in this vein and hope for change is little short of fantasy. We were founded with an intent to be direct, forceful, and hands on.

We have had some very notable achievements date including a positive effect on the federal election result as noted by political parties, a senate inquiry into the veracity of reef science, liaising with police in the identification and thwarting of vegan activists, and more recently the uncovering of the matriarch of the Delforce clan and mother of Aussie Farms mapmaker Chris as being a member of DFAT and possibly complicit, as well as the removal of Aussie Farms charitable status.

It was one of our own Green Shirts Group Leads who has assisted the two young journalists (champions) that have dug so deep and actually found documents which have led to the latest developments. I note that a certain peak body is claiming to have “led calls” for something to be done – yeah that’s talk – but where is the walk? They are criticising the department for its investigation not turning anything up – but what did they uncover?

It was left to a mob that is only 18 months old, that receives NO corporate donations or funding, does not even have a formal office, to get in on the ground and get a result.

Is it any wonder that many feel that their representative bodies do not actually listen. I think gender issues are a poor second to actually making sure that the essentials for grassroots producers and those that depend on them are catered for.

Many are heartily sick of the politician style press conferences, the buzz words, the catchphrases. “led the calls” – led how? It’s one thing to lead the call, it’s another to lead the charge and be prepared to wear the scars of battle.

How many have actually left the head office and actually did a bit of the old gumshoe investigating? With the millions some of these groups get in funding, one might think the shine has obscured the vision of what is important to Joe and Jill Average. We hoped that we could have been the glue that bound disparate groups together in a united force.

It appears, however, that those who do the least on the ground, talk with the loudest voices. With some peak bodies speaking for an entire industry when less than 10 % of the industry are members now is the time people did a few things.

Demand your peak body ACT, not just talk. You can now see it gets results that bloated subscription fees do not. Alternatively, join us. It costs $25. We have now proven how far we can stretch the lobster. Help us grow into a force to be reckoned with and give us the clout to form the alliances that are the ONLY way for us all to effect a change for the better.

Please join us here.

By Marty Bella


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