International group of strikers with banners, defending animal rights

We in Agriculture, Fishing, and associated industries are currently experiencing a huge and unprecedented onslaught from the Greenie Left environmental and faux animal rights movements and their “glove puppets” in government. These glove puppets use us as cannon fodder to curry favour with the inner urban greenie fringe and the innocently misguided people who cannot see through their deceit.

The Green Shirts Movement, as a fledgling group, has been trying to fight back as hard as we can. We are growing, but any battle we face requires resource.

For some time now, I have seen that as producers and people of the land, we are continually trying to repel attacks and worse we are very slow to retaliate. We need to be launching our own pre-emptive strikes and have the information at hand to punch back immediately should any attack occur.

For that, we need to have, as an entire group of associated industries and communities, a group – media/research taskforce – dedicated wholly and solely to gathering and storing information and facts not only about us but about our enemies.

They need to be able to point out the lies and refute them with incontrovertible fact. This needs to be done on both mainstream and social media.

I was recently told that there are 72 representative bodies in Ag. Surely, with the current idealistic onslaught, if it has been thought that such a taskforce was not needed, it is now. The sheer weight of propaganda our enemies put out, will convert innocent people to their cause if theirs is the only information out there.

I am not the first to think of this – others have before me, but it has withered on the vine. Protestations about how such a group could cater for the breadth of the industry are totally invalid. Why? BECAUSE IT MUST. It is time to forget your own little pet area and realise that this is an attack on us all. The fact that it differs slightly depending on the sector that is being focussed on, does not change the fact that we are all in the firing line in some way or another.

It is time to start getting together and showing a united front. Those of us who place their personal pride before the survival of our way of life are worse than our enemies as they sow discord in our ranks.

So here is the Recipe:
*Get over ourselves – pride, self-interest, short term gratification.
*Forget petty grievance
*Focus on the outcome
*Band together and forge an alliance.
*Aim at the enemy, not just others like us whom we do not agree 100% with.
*DEMAND this of our elected politicians and representative bodies.

If we do not do these things, then our small wins will be nothing more than getting the best chair on the Titanic.

This is the Green Shirts Movement Credo. We invite you all to share it with us for the good of our business and families – and whether they see it or not – the Nation!

By Marty Bella


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