GSM launch Business Membership & QLD Election Campaign update

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I along with all at the Green Shirts Movement (GSM) hope that this correspondence finds you coping and above all healthy in the uncertain times we currently face.

Recently the Green Shirts Movement were invited to appear as witnesses to the Senate Inquiry into the states
Reef Regulations held in Brisbane. This was to coincide with the launch of the GSM Queensland Business
Cluster, however, due to restrictions in place for COVID-19, the decision was made to postpone the event. Public health must be our first priority for members, supporters and the wider community. As restrictions ease we will be looking at planning events across the state.

We have exciting news, as our memberships now incorporate an GSM Annual Business Membership for $550
incl. GST, and GSM Lifetime Membership for $2,750 incl. GST.

I am pleased to announce that our Ipswich Region Cluster Coordinator, Suzie Holmes has come on board as our first GSM Business Membership under the new membership structure. Thank you Suzie.

As the state election looms, current circumstances dictate that campaigning will take a much different form, and  so we must adjust to ensure that our message resonates at the ballot box.

Our Green Shirts Movement website is currently undergoing some exciting and major changes. It is our hope
that it will help fill the void left for many regions after the withdrawal of numerous newspaper services.

With only a few short months before the state election our message remains, – Good People, Good Policy.
Given the detrimental policies that have been handed out, hand over fist by the current government, often to
secure their own seats through Green preferences, this put simply means LABOR/GREENS last.

If you have any questions regarding GSM, membership, cluster coordination, fundraising or have ideas to share
I am only too happy to answer your call or email.

Chris Green
National Director
Membership, Cluster Coordination & Fundraising




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We are NOT apolitical – we are very political – however we are NOT party aligned. We expect and will support GOOD PEOPLE and GOOD POLICY, no matter from whence we find it. We will not blindly attach ourselves to any political party. We expect parties to put themselves SECOND to the welfare of the people they purport to represent. We are driven by you. As political parties are abandoning the grassroots, we will fill that void. We will give our all to ensure policy is driven from the grassroots up, and not inflicted on us from those that feel they are our betters.

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